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Software Engineer

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About Me

About Me


Rodrigo Duarte



Date Of Birth

14 November 1987




Berlin, Germany

Hi! I’m Rodrigo Duarte, aka Rodrigo Terminus. If you’re curious about the name  “Terminus”, it’s the name of my old Heavy Metal band. Those were good times, and the word Terminus in my nickname just proves this!

But who am I? I’m a Brazilian guy who loves tech, nature, animals, soccer,  gaming, travel and to learn new languages… yeah, I love just a couple of things!

I’ve been a Software Developer for more than 11 years. To be honest, I’ve been a Dev since I can remember in my teen age. I guess that I started creating my first websites when I was 14, using Notepad and the such hated Internet Explorer. Those were hard times to code. After that, I started to code in PHP, starting a never ending journey of learning.

I’m also a passionate language learner. I love to discover different cultures and see how things are different compared to mine. It is so satisfying to talk to people from different countries, understand them, be understood, and have the opportunity to learn new things, hear new stories and get inspired to keep traveling and living.

It’s not easy to talk about ourselves. It is hard to write the right things, and I could easily just keep writing a bunch of things about my life. However, I’m going to stop here!  Anyway, you can find out a little bit more about me in the sections down below. If you want to ask me something, do not hesitate – just do it!

I am good at

My Skill

My Skill

My Professional Strengths

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.

Developers have to always be reinventing themselves. Everything changes so fast that it’s really hard to keep up to date with all these innovations. It is important stay tuned to new things, new technologies, development patterns and changes to the things we already have a knowledge about.

With this thought in mind, I always read articles about web development, which is my main dev target, and also about other areas of the development universe. I believe that it’s really important to know one or two segments of this universe very well, but also know at least a little bit of other ones too! Because of this I’m always learning new languages and their patterns. I believe this can make me think in new ways, which can make me better in my main area, as well as putting me in contact with different worlds. All this makes me ready to face new challenges in the easiest possible way.


I am fascinated to keep learning. Being comfortable to solve any kind of problem is really satisfying. I am always trying to improve these skills and, until now, the following are my stronger ones.

You’ll notice that none of the bars will be completely filled to 100%. This is because I recognize my knowledge, but at the same time, I’m convinced that there is always something more to be learned and improved.

  • Versioning systems as Git and SVN
  • DB modeling and scripting in MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL and MongoDB
  • RESTful APIs development (including json-api.org standards)
  • PHP
  • Symfony (PHP framework)
  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Node.js
  • Python



Pretty Good


Language skills

As you should have read above, I LOVE to learning languages. Until now I have solid knowledge in these four languages down bellow. I am currently studying the German one and I’m loving it. The next two languages on the line are the Italian and the French ones.

Portuguese Native

English Advanced

Spanish Intermediate

German Basic

Personal characteristics

  • Cultivate a design sense
  • Right balance of tools
  • Approach every new skill
  • Good business management
  • Strong creative skills
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Pro activity
  • Entrepreneur mindset
  • Good team player
  • High end user focus
  • Ability to learn things quickly
My Work Experience



Here I listed some of my working experiences I had a pleasure to live in my developer career.



Senior Web Engineer

As a technology-based translation service provider, lengoo makes it easier than ever before to find professional freelance translators and order translations.

With the use of state-of-the-art Machine Learning Technology, we can guarantee the highest quality of our translations and offer an outstanding user experience for both translators and clients.

Our platform already plays a significant role in helping more than 1,200 clients from 10 countries capturing international markets.



Software Engineer

MaxMilhas is a Brazilian startup which created a new business model in the market. It leads to this new market in Brazil and already started to expand its business internationally.

I worked as a Software Engineer on the new company’s website. Working with Symfony 3, PostgreSQL and Docker, I was responsible for planning and implementing the i18n on the back-end side and create website interactions on the front-end side.

I was also a member of the team which developed a complex award-winning Valentine’s Day game for a market campaign of the company.


2013 to 2017

Founder & CTO

I founded Infntus when an opportunity to develop an ERP system came to me in 2013. I developed this system and named it Infinity, which up to now has been used in many companies in Brazil. During this opportunity I developed my business skills, as well as my abilities in both back and front end development.

I used to use my free time working on Infntus, learning and applying new technologies, exploring and improving the skills I already have.


2015 to 2017


A year and a half after l left Learncafe, I was invited to return as the company’s CTO. It was a very good experience where I could develop my skills and help the company to keep growing. We were selected to participate in GEN 16 of Start-Up Chile, where I had the opportunity to develop my skills and met a lot of awesome entrepreneurs. I also rewrote the company’s checkout system from scratch, developing new features and turning it much more reliable.

Vox Populi

2014 to 2015

Analyst Developer

Working at Vox Populi I learned a lot about statistics and data visualization. I worked developing features to an application to handle data for electoral and market researchers – the main fronts of the company. I also developed two Android Apps using Phonegap and native Java code.


2013 to 2014

Full Stack Developer

I started my journey at Learncafe in July 2013, where I worked for more than an year with amazing developer colleagues. During this opportunity I developed a lot of new features in the application. The remarkable ones were the deep changes I made in the financial and payment systems. These changes helped the company to manage its budget better, and made them grow even faster.


2010 to 2011

Analyst Developer

was hired to be an assistant analyst in the official technology company of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Less than two months later, due to my skills and commitment I was invited to lead a really big project for the company. It was an enriching experience in my life. It provided a very good product for the company and I learnt a lot of new skills.

Due to the good work I’d done, an internal article was wrote on the company’s press about my work and I got a great recognition from the company directors.


Start-Up Chile


Generation 16

In 2016, Learncafe was selected to be part of Start-Up Chile GEN 16. José (CEO) and I went to Chile where we had the opportunity to live one of the most enriching experiences of our lives. We had a pleasure to meet a lot of new passionate entrepreneurs and improved our entrepreneurial mindset. It was really awesome!

Look at their opinions!



These testimonials were written on my LinkedIn by some good colleagues I have the honor to work with.

Rodrigo is one of the best professionals I've worked with, with a complete sense of how a product or a feature should be made. Don't be surprised to see him delivering much more that you asked for, this is how his mind works: he looks to a business like it is his own. Rodrigo is also trustable, loyal, friend and sincere. He goes over the I.T concept of "fullstack", cause he is also a "fullhuman" before being this full professional. Only good things to write about him. Highly recommended.

José de Menezes

CEO of Learncafe

Rodrigo is one of the most talented people I've had the pleasure to work with. He is the one you'd definitely want to be a part of your team, specially when developing the company's master piece which requires not only a bit of dedication but the maximum effort and expertise to ensure the best result.
I'd blindly recommend Rodrigo for always being such a great friend and a golden teammate.

Diego Silva

CEO of Asgard

Rodrigo is a very competent, creative, detailed and determined professional. During the time we worked together at Learncafe, I could see that Rodrigo made it happen, he likes to discuss and plan projects, he appreciates the quality of the service and he is always open to listening. He has great ability to work in a team and a great touch for technical leadership.

Lucas Mezêncio

Senior Web Developer at XLabora

I've had the pleasure of working with Rodrigo several times. He's proven to be a very detail-oriented and focused professional. Rodrigo is always willing to step out of the box in order to bring value to any project by engaging in discussions, proposing new ideas and helping others.

Marcos Duarte

Software Developer at Iconic

Excellent IT professional, competent, punctual with the commitments. He always develop soft and fast softwares. I do recommend him.

Alfredo Albieri

Business Consultant